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Eyecheck System:Empowers the optician. Ensures eye care.

Eyecheck System (ECS) is an innovative digital communication, counselling and diagnostic tool that connects opticians with ophthalmologists (eye specialists). ECS streamlines processes within the specialist healthcare system and provides socioeconomical benefits as well as benefits for opticians, patients and ophthalmologists.

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What does ECS do?

ECS enables opticians to get an explanation for unexplained conditions in patients after an eye examination. It allows the optician to send digital data to an ophthalmologist, who can then process the information and quickly determine if; No further diagnose needed; Or a follow-up treatment is needed between the patient and optician; Or the patient is recommended to be referred to a local ophthalmologist or hospital. If the latter is the case, a pre-filled referral form is available. This provides patients with a speedy diagnosis (in as little as 15 minutes in urgent cases). In over 50% of all cases, no further referral is necessary.

ECS has integrated features that simplify describing a patient’s condition, as well as simplifying referrals. Opticians get quick feedback that makes it easy to connect cases with patients.

“ECS gives us an easier, more effective, timesaving day.”

Why ECS?

Opticians meet eye patients early and have broader access. They have an increased amount of equipment and expertise to make an assessment before digitally sending it to an ophthalmologist. However, there are still many cases where opticians may have to refer a patient to an ophthalmologist, if in doubt about the patient’s eye status.

Sometimes this means eye patients having to wait up to a year for a referral, which may cause undue stress. Also, referrals usually mean having to travel somewhere, which can be time consuming. For ophthalmologists, it’s frustrating having long waiting lists when patients could have been diagnosed in collaboration with the local optician and Eyecheck System. For the optician, a referral might mean that the customer relationship is put on hold until they receive an answer.

“ECS gives us the extra security we need.”

Benefits and effects

For opticians, there’s a significant advantage to offering ECS. It provides a better service and increased customer loyalty. With ECS as a tool, opticians get to play a greater role in patient's eye health by having an essential better service offer with ESC.

The social benefits of creating a system that filters out patients who don’t need specialist care is huge. Patients requiring treatment can clarify their situation quicker, thereby reducing society costs. Older people or patients living outside of the city save time and money by not having to travel to see an ophthalmologist. As a result, ophthalmologists can streamline their practice by focusing on patients with genuine needs.

“A win-win situation for customers, opticians and ophthalmologists.”

Anonymous data, high security

ECS has been developed with patient safety and ease-of-use as the primary focus. It is compatible with all technical installations available to opticians.

The platform is designed as a modern cloud-based solution. It follows the principles of microservice architecture and is built around Microsoft Azure’s cloud services. This provides a quick response rate, secure storage, high uptime and automatic scalability.

ECS integrates Azure AD for secure login. Separate websites have been created for different roles to ensure better anonymisation, with encrypted connections throughout all parts.

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Clear presence

ECS is being developed as a premium brand and will have a clear presence within opticians' premises. This gives customers confidence, and strengthens the opticians' role.

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Accomplished development team

We have been in operation for a year. We have many good user stories and have agreements with several optician chains.

The development of ECS is backed by an accomplished team. Initiator Jörn Beckröge is an ophthalmologist with 23 years’ experience in the public health service and also founded and own his own practice. Co-founder, Ulf Müller-Henneberg, was originally a dentist with in-depth knowledge of the specialist health service. ECS has been developed in Norway with EGGS Design, under the direction of developer Lars Thomas Bredland, Laudi AS. ECS is represented in the market by a professional sales team.

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“Our experience with Eyecheck System is very good. It has become an important tool in our business. We find that Eyecheck allows both patients and us to save time and avoid any unnecessary worries.

Eyecheck gives us quick answers from ophthalmologists on whether a referral is necessary and if there is any degree of urgency. It also means we cut down on referrals.

Eyecheck benefits everyone all round. It helps us give a safer diagnosis and allows us to have a professional platform for referrals. Since we started using Eyecheck we’ve found that closer professional collaboration gives us a simpler, more efficient, time-saving day.

Thank you for a good work tool that benefits all users”

Guri S. Engehagen and Linda Grøtåsen, Optiker Øiesvold AS, Årnes synssenter
“Finally a straightforward way for opticians to consult with ophthalmologists! Definitely a useful tool that provides the added security we need to follow up on patients, even in cases where we are in doubt. Easy to use and effective - simply a great tool for those who want closer collaboration with ophthalmologists.”
Gro og Wanja, Jessheim synssenter
“Our experience with Eyecheck is undoubtedly positive. In cases where we are unsure of the diagnosis or treatment, we receive quick feedback through Eyecheck. This leads to less referrals. Customers who are worried about a diagnosis get quick answers. Eyecheck creates a win-win situation for customers, opticians and ophthalmologists.”
Endre Gorm, Specsavers, Porsgrunn

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