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What is Eyecheck?

Eyecheck is a digital communication and diagnostic tool that effectively connects optometrists and ophthalmologists to streamline patient care.

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The solution for the future of eye-care services is here.

We are providing a complete, digital tool that facilitates secure information exchange while enabling precise diagnoses. This helps save society unnecessary health expenses.

We are reducing waiting lists, providing patients with a direct answer from the ophthalmologist - as well as giving optometrists direct access to ophthalmologist expertise. All within one tool.

We are securing the future of specialist healthcare services that are becoming increasingly critical. 

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Million NOK in savings

Who benefits from using Eyecheck?

Whether you are an optometrist, ophthalmologist or a patient, in a private or public clinical setting, Eyecheck provides various benefits. Here are just a few! 


Provide quick access to professional expertise and patient assessments from affiliated ophthalmologists. Allows for more effective and personable follow-ups with patients via an accessible digital tool.

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Receive comprehensive diagnostic information including retinal imagery, and videos.  Diagnose, prioritise and triage with our digital tool, to provide smoother and more effective patient care. Increase your capacity while cutting down on your waiting list.

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Facilitate intra- and interprofessional communication, compliant with privacy laws and regulations. Perform decentralised controls of patients and contribute to a more sustainable healthcare sector.

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Private Individuals

Get easy access to an eye doctor near you. Avoid unnecessary travel and sick leave while receiving your diagnosis directly - all as part of the public eye-care system.


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This is how it works.

By enabling connections between healthcare professionals associated with vision care - patients, doctors and society save valuable time and money. Everyone benefits!

Easy access to eye specialists

No matter where you live, you can get easy access to national ophthalmologists directly from your local optometrist. Avoid lengthy travel times, experience shorter waiting lists, and receive health answers directly. 

Improving patient safety

Allows for personal follow-ups with a patient through a secure digital aid that conveys all diagnostically relevant information safely.

A better economy

Save resources and quickly diagnose more patients who do not require physical consultations. Begin critical treatment earlier where needed and provide more effective patient care.

Future-proof and sustainable 

The increasing and ever-growing demand for eye specialists as well as capacity bottlenecks call for smart solutions. Join us in solving this challenge digitally, resulting in reduced travel costs and fewer CO2 emissions.

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Data protection and security

Eyecheck has been developed with patient safety and ease of use in mind. The platform is compatible with all types of diagnostic equipment and various medical record systems while also meeting the highest regulatory and security standards. 

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Eyecheck is designed as a modern cloud-based solution that follows  a microservice architecture and is built around Microsoft Azure's cloud services. This allows for fast responsetime, secure storage, high uptime and automatic scalability. The platform integrates Azure AD for a secure login. Separate websites and services have also been created to assist in better anonymisation and encrypted connections throughout all stages. 

Eyecheck is GDPR-compliant and meets the highest local regulatory standards.

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