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Uncertainty as a result of a vision test is a fundamental concern for both yourself and your customer. With Eyecheck you will receive a precise and fast diagnosis, whenever you are in doubt. In that way, you deliver answers instead of raising issues. 

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Increased customer loyalty

A short patient journey is extremely valuable for your customers. Eyecheck puts you in a position to facilitate quick medical answers or a smoother process within any health care system.  All this, within a fraction of average waiting times, is delivered by our eye specialists.

Increased competency 

With Eyecheck, you receive faster responses to your referred cases, along with additional information for each case. Getting a second opinion and a more precise diagnosis based on your findings helps to create professional reassurance and provides you with a growing competence as an Optometrist.

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Give yourself a competitive edge

Being able to offer ophthalmology examinations locally, provides you with new income opportunities as well as a greater influx of customers. More referrals also result in more follow-up controls, which can serve to help reassure your customers. 

Submit high-quality referrals

Our checklist-based referral forms ensure that the ophthalmologist receives the necessary information to provide accurate feedback.  Contribute to a sustainable eye health care system, by solving a majority of tasks digitally.

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With Eyecheck, customer handling is not only easier but much faster.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to questions we often receive from optometrists.


Eyecheck System works as a subscription based solution (SaaS). This means that you pay a fixed fee every month. There are no hidden costs or restrictions in relation to your referrals.

You also have the access to ask simple questions directly to the ophthalmologist if necessary. A small fee is calculated for these.

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We guarantee a response time of between two to a maximum of five working days within our network of eye specialists.

Compared to the current waiting time of up to a year, Eyecheck System serves as a clear competitive advantage for you.


On the contrary. Eyecheck is largely based on the fact that in Norway there are 630 optical stores, spread all over the country. Ophthalmologists in comparison are mostly concentrated in the larger cities. Eyecheck is a decentralized solution - which makes it a perfect fit, regardless of whether you are an optometrist in central Oslo or in Hønefoss.

Eyecheck can help reduce capacity issues for eye specialists by enabling them to handle multiple referrals at a time. But it is within the selection process where Eyecheck really shines through: Patients who really only require follow-up appointments with their local optician are sent directly there, avoiding a time-consuming road trip to the eye doctor. This streamlining can help reduce transport costs and waiting lists within the public eye-care service.

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