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Eyecheck is a digital solution that shortens the journey between the optometrist and your eye specialist. 

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Get faster answers about your eye health

When your optometrist uses Eyecheck, you can receive an answer directly from the ophthalmologist within a few days. It saves you time, travel expenses - and worries.

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Get easy access to an ophthalmologist

Regardless of whether you live in Finnmark or on Vinstra, you can receive quick access to an ophthalmologist by visiting a local Eyecheck optometrist. Since the consultation takes place digitally, you avoid costly travel time and sick leave.


Get an immediate answer after your examination

It is not uncommon to experience waiting times that exceed a year in order to see an ophthalmologist. When your optometrist has access to Eyecheck, you will receive an answer from the ophthalmologist directly within a few days. Say Goodbye to long waiting times. 

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Increased security through connections

Eyecheck creates efficient networks between optometrists and ophthalmologists, making it easier to detect and treat serious conditions earlier. Better connectivity within the eye-care service means better treatment for you.


Affordable specialist care

Eyecheck strives to become part of the public health care system in all countries of our activity. Our mission is to provide efficient and affordable answers to your eye health, in order to prevent costly long-term consequences for your health. 

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This is how Eyecheck works for you as a patient

The Eyecheck process takes place digitally. Your optometrist sends encrypted and anonymized information about you, directly to the ophthalmologist, who is then able to make a precise diagnosis.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to questions we often get from patients.

No, you only pay your regular deductible, just as you would do with a regular consultation with the eye specialist. Your exemption card can also be used.

If the ophthalmologist finds reason for a more in depth examination, you will be notified directly - from the ophthalmologist. Then you will be directed toward the ordinary way for a physical examination by the doctor.

The eye-care service is already largely digitized. Norwegian optometrist stores have advanced equipment. In fact, it is so advanced that there is little difference between the equipment that the ophthalmologist uses. The Eyecheck platform makes better use of the technology that already exists for Norwegian optometrists. Easily.

In many contexts it may be. But because Eyecheck enables savings in both time and travel expenses, we are contributing to a more sustainable eye-care service.

What our customers say about us

Eyecheck is a GDPR-compliant and approved third-party supplier within the Norwegian Health Network.