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With Eyecheck you receive a whole new way of working. Reduce waiting lists, treat more patients.

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An innovative digital tool for the future of eye-health.

Eyecheck is a digital diagnostic, communication and selection tool that makes it more efficient to communicate with optometrists and patients.

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Comprehensive Referrals

With Eyecheck referrals, you are provided with all the necessary information to make a definitive diagnosis. Comprehensive referrals with retinal images, OCT, and videos as well as patient descriptions to allow you to make optimal use of the optometrist’s equipment.


A more flexible and efficient form of patient management

With automated solutions and evaluative writing, you save time. Eyecheck makes it easy to select patients, so you can prioritize who is to be followed up when, where, and by whom. Have the ability to answer patients directly.

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Secure patient data management

Access to a secure and easily manageable communication platform makes it safe to refer patients to hospitals and confer with colleagues. Share complete cases for further educational purposes or for discussion with hospitals.


Create an extra form of productivity

Eyecheck provides new income opportunities - and introduces new, flexible ways of working. Reduce patient waiting lists while allowing you to treat more patients. Take control of patient contact digitally.

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How Eyecheck works in practice

Here you can see a typical patient journey with an optometrist that uses the Eyecheck system.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to questions we often get from ophthalmologists.

By no means. A telemedicine solution such as Eyecheck builds a bridge between the optometrist and/or GP who is usually the patient’s first encounter within the eye-care service - and you as an eye specialist. Increased exchange of expertise raises the quality of the healthcare you are providing. The assessments are always performed by eye specialists. This creates a new form of work and opportunities for a flexible, place- and time- independent workplace for ophthalmologists.



Only 34% of Norwegian patients need specialist treatment. This means that 64% of cases should be resolved at the patient’s optometrist. With Eyecheck, it becomes easier and faster to make a selection based on digital referrals. This means that the patients who come to you actually need it. 

No. Because Eyecheck can contribute to a better interaction and more efficient form of communication between primary and specialist services, long travel times and costs for patients can be minimised. Health Norway saves on transport costs and ensures a reduced strain on the public eye-health service.

By using digital referrals and a modern form of communication, Eyecheck contributes to increased interaction, shorter processing times and a reduction in waiting lists. It frees up time and capacity. At the same it contributes to raising a Norwegian Optometrists competency level (skill level) while also utilising the technological resources that already exists in the country’s 630 optometrist shops.

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